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It's easy to tell you how great we are. Here's what other people think of our services:



Latisha's knowledge, insight, and encouragement empowered me to discover my ideal customer in a relaxed series of conversations. In just a few short sessions, Latisha helped me figure out what I had been struggling for months to discover on my own. I highly recommend working with Latisha.

- Katie C.  Apparel Product Designer

Latisha really broke down the steps when it came to creating my 1st product. She gave me enough support where I never felt alone, but enough space to learn and grow at a rate that worked best for me. The roadmap she gave me made my other product launches a breeze. 


I would like to share my incredible experience with Latisha. She is a woman of great knowledge and wisdom. I came to her with a business idea and shared my passion with her. In no time, she mapped out the whole foundation of how to put it together along with the action steps needed to get my business up and running. I'm forever grateful for the nuggets that she shared with me to help get me on my way.

N. Oates 

Latisha is someone I have experienced on a personal and professional level. She is very precise and she really listens to understand your business needs. She keeps her promises and lays out a plan that is easy to follow. I am very satisfied with her services. She is a very humble & sweet person.   I would trust and recommend her to help you in executing your business plans.

C. Wilson 


I would like to share my personal and professional relationship with Latisha with you all. I attended undergraduate school with her, and even then I knew she would be destined for great things.  She is a dependable young woman with goals to reach the entire world. 


She is a professional woman whom you can depend upon for meeting your professional needs. She is trustworthy and open-minded, and willing to help and guide you in all your endeavors. Latisha has enhanced my life and opened my eyes to other business opportunities and possibilities.

C. Baxter