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Success isn’t something that happens on accident – you need to learn and work hard to achieve success. The above book takes you through mindset and the single parents guide to navigating mindset the right way.  This ebook is set to launch late 2019 packed with the trials and tribulations of thinking you are doing the whole mindset thing wrong, to discover its not you and what to do to fix what’s going wrong, with steps and tips on what to do for the single parent that faces different circumstances and can often have a difficult time finding their way through mindset shifts. 

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Starting a Business

  • Building a Business Plan 

Building Business Success

  •  Outsource to Grow 

Modern Marketing Methods

  • Marketing 101

Managing Back Office Tasks

  • Quality Customer Service 

High-Level Executives

  •  What’s a Mentor? 

Smart Business Finances

  • Financing Your Business