I Have An Idea For A Business or Product, Now What?

One of the most frustrating things can be figuring out what your 1st steps are when you finally get that big idea. Truth is the methods are rather simple. You want to make sure you take your time, do your research and keep detailed notes. We will talk more about how to keep your ideas organized later. 

The very 1st thing that you want to do is write the idea down, don’t try to perfect it or clean up the context. Just get everything written down on paper. Believe it or not, this is a crucial step that most miss and wonder why aspects of their original idea get lost and they can’t figure out what is going on. 

Once your ideas have been put to paper, now is when the fun starts, You now have the opportunity to not only expand on the idea, you will also need to do some much-needed research to see what you need to do to make this idea a reality. This part of the process can be frustrating for some, and it doesn’t have to be. Building your business or product ideas should be a fun process for you, and it can be. embrace the process and take your time. If you are still unclear on what to do, or you need more support lets chat and get you the support that you need here:

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If you don’t have an idea yet, that is okay. All is not lost. You just aren’t here in the process just yet. I am working on resources that will help support you in your journey by giving you a roadmap on figuring out what you want to do and how to carry out your goals. To get you started to brainstorm and jot down what things interest you.  Use this as a starting point to generate ideas.


Best Method For Keeping Your Ideas In Order


What could be worse than having an idea and losing the idea or parts of it? This was a problem that I use to have many years ago. I learned a hard lesson, and since I took the hard road and learned the lesson I make sure that all of my clients know what to do to avoid this. are you ready for this million dollar concept?


Yes, that is it. keep a journal and write all of your ideas down to ensure you don’t lose a single fab idea. This works for several reasons.

  • original content is not lost
  • you can make edits and corrections as your ideas form
  • you will never lose the framework and steps needed because they are all in one place
  • this allows you to keep even those ideas that you may not want to pursue, this offers collaboration opportunities as well as a chance to sell/pitch those ideas to someone else who may love the idea.

Is a journal not your thing? That is okay too, a notebook, legal pad,  chalkboard, dry erase board. Honestly, whichever medium you want to use will work. For me a notebook/journal has been my best bet, I also have a binder full of sketches, etc that I use when I need inspiration or am looking for a great product idea to launch for my clients. 

Here is the journal I use for my business & product ideas: Click Here